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who became the Nawab [emperor]of Bangla after The battle of Plassey?
          ➤Ballal Sen

           ➤Alibortdi khan

who defeated Siraj-ud-dullaha in the battle of Plassey in 1757?

➤Warren Hasting
          ➤ Duplay

          ➤Robert Clive

who was the first invader of India?

➤The mongal
          ➤ The turkey

          ➤The Arab

who was the first governor of Bengal?

          ➤Charlse Ire

          ➤ Charles Metacafe

          ➤Charlse Langman

who introduced in India "the blue water policy"?


                    ➤ Siraj Ud doll haha

          ➤ Robert Clive

The great Bengal famine happened in?




The regulating Act was passed in which year?




what is the meaning of' 'OHAHABI' in the movement of Wahhabi?




who established THE BOMBAY ELPHINSTONE college?



                ➤willian benthic

which year the East India company possesses the right to trade freely without levy in Bengal?




who is called the father of modern India?

      ➤Sibnath Sastri

                ➤Bahadur Saha 2nd

                 ➤Raja Ram Mohan Roy

In which year the treaty of Salbai done?




who introduced in Bengal 10-year land revenue settlement?

      ➤Lord Dalhousie

                ➤Lord Cornwallis

                ➤Lord Litton

who introduced in Bengal 5-year land revenue settlement?

         ➤Lord Dalhousie

                   ➤Lord Cornwallis

                   ➤Lord Warren Hastings
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MCQ On Indian History-Modern-for WBCS Exams 

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