branches of science||branches of biology||fields of science||branches of science list
branches of science||branches of biology||fields of science||branches of science list


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ACARO BIOLOGY-the study of ticks and mites

ACTIONOLOGY-the study of effects of radiation upon a living organism

etiology-the study of effects of light on chemical
aerobiology-the study if biology that studies organic particle that is transported by the air
aerology-the study of atmosphere
an etiology-the medical study that deals with the causation of disease
agrobiology-the study of plants nutrition and growth in relation to soil
agrology-the branch of soil science that deals with the production of crops
agrostology-the study of grass
algology-the study of alage
allergology-the study of the causes and treatment of allergies
andrology-the study of male health
anesthesiology-the study of anesthesia and anesthetic
angiology-the study of anatomy blood and lymph vascular system
anthropology-the study of the human being
apiology-the study of bees
arachnology-the study of spider
arcaheology-the study of past culture
archaeozoology-the study of relationships between human and animals overtimes
areology-the study of mars
astacology-the study of shrimp or crawfish
astrobiology-the study of the origin of life
astrogeology-the study of the geology of celestial bodies
audiology-the study of hearing
autecology-the study of the ecology of any individual species

bacteriology-the study of bacteria
bioecology-the study of the interaction of life in the environment
biology-the study of life
bromatology-the study of food
cardiology-the study of heart
cariology-the study of cells
cetology-the study of whale
climatology-the study of climate
coleopterology-the study of beetle
conchology-the study of shells and Mollusca
coniology-the study of dust in the atmosphere and its effect on the living organism
craniology-the study of a characteristic of the skull
the criminiology-the scientific study of crime
cryptology-the study of very low temperature
cynology-study of dogs
cytology-study of cell
cytomorphology-study of the structure of the cell
cytopathology-the branch of pathology that studies diseases on the cellular level

dendrochronology-the study of the age of the tree
dendrology-study of trees
dermatology-the study of skin
dermatopathology-the field of dermatology
desmology-the study of ligament
Diabetologia-the study of diabetes mellitus
dipterology-the study of fly

ecohydrology-the study of the interaction between oranism and the water cycle
ecology-the study of the relationship between the living organism and their environments
ecophysiology-the study of the interrelationship between the organism's physical functioning and environment
edaphology-a branch of soil science that studies the influence of soil in life
electrophysiology-the study of the relationship between electric phenomena and bodily process
embryology-the study of embryos
endocrinology-the study of internal secretory glands
entomology-the study of insects
enzymology-the study of enzymes
epidemiology-the study of the origin of species and spread of diseases
ethology-the study of animal behaviour
exobiology-the study of life in the outer space
exogeology-the of the geology of celestial bodies
felinology-the study of cats
fetology-the study of the fetus

formicology-study of ants
gastrology-the study of stomach and intestines
gemology-the study of gemstone
geobiology-the study of the biosphere and its relations to lithosphere and atmosphere
geochronology-the study ofthe age the earth
geology-the study of earth
geomorphology-the study of present day landform
gerontology-the study of old age
glaciology-the study of glaciers
gynaecology-the study of medicine related to women
hematology-the study of blood
heliology-the study of the sun
helioseismology-the study of ocilliation and vibration in the sun
helmintology-the study of parasite worms
hepatology-the study of liver
herbology-the study of the therapeutic use of plants
herpetrology-the study of reptile and amphibians
heteroptology-the of true bugs
hippology-the study of horse
histology-the study of living tissue
histopathlogy-the study of the microscopic structure of diseased tissues
hydrogeology-the study of underground water

ichnology-the study of of fossil foot prints
ichthyology-the study of fish
immunulogy-the study of the immune system

karyology-the study of karyotypes
kinesiology-the study of movement in relation to human anatomy
kymatology-the study of wave

laryngilogy-the study of the larynx
lepidopterlogy-the study of butterfly and moth
limnology-the study of the fresh water environment
malacology-the study of mollusca
mammalogy-the study of mammals
meteorology-the study of weather
methodology-the study of methods
metrology-the study of meaurement
microbiology-the study of micro oranism
micrology-the study of preaparing and handlngmicroscopic objects
mineralogy-the study of minerals
micology-the study of fungi
the myology-the scientific study of muscles
myrmecology-the study of ants

nanotechnology-the study of the machine at the molecular level
nanotribiology-the study of friction on the molecular atomic scale
nematology-the study of nematodes
neonatology-the study of new born infant
nephrology-the study of kidney
nephology-the study of clouds
neurology-the study of nerves
neuropathology-the study of neural disease
neurophysiology-the study of nerve system related to the function
nosology-the study of disease classification

oceanology-the study of ocean
odonatology-the study of a dragon fly and deme fly
oncology-the study of cancer
oology-the study of eggs
opthalmology-the study of eye
ornithlogy-the study f birds
orology-the study of the mountain and their mapping
orthopterology-the study of grasshopper and insect
osteology-the study of bones
otolaryngology-the study of ear and throat
otology-the branch of medicine related toear
otorhinolaryngology-the study of ear

paleobiology-the study of prehistoric life
paleobotany-the study of prehistoric metaphytes
paleoclimatology-the study of prehistoric climate
paleoecology-the study of the prehistoric environment
paleontology-the study of anicent fossil life
paleophytology-the study of ancient multicellular plants
paleozoology-the study of prehistoricmetazoans
palynology-the study of pollen
parasitology-the study of parasite
pathology-the study of illness
petrology0the study of rocks and the condition in which condition the form
pharmacology-the study of drugs
phenology-the study of periodic biological phenomena
phelebology- a branch of medicinethat deals withvenus system
phonology-the study of vocal sound
phycology-the study of alage
physiology--the study of the function of the living body
phytology-the study of plants and botany
phytopathology-the study of plants disease
phytosociology-the study of the ecology of plant communities
planetology-the study of planets or solar system
planktology-the study of plankton
pomology-the study of fruits
posology-the study of drug doses
primatology-the study of primates
proctology-the study of rectum, anus, colon, pelvic floor
psychobiology-the study of organismof physichology
psychopathology-the study of mental illness or disorder
psychopharmacology-the study of drug related to psychotropic
pulmonology-the study of lungs and repiratory tract disese
radiology-the study of rays
reflexology-the study of reflex responses
rheology-thestudy of flow
rheumatology-the study of rheumatic disease
rhinology-the study of the nose
sarcology-the study of softtissue anatomy
sedimentology-the study of sediment
seismology-the study of earthquakes
selenology-the study of the moon
serology-the study of blood serum
sexology -the study of sex
sitiology-the study of diet
sociobiology-the study of the effect of the evolution of ethology
sociology-the study of society
somatology-the study of human characteristic
sommonology-the study of sleep
speleology-the study of caves
stomatology-the study of the mouth
symptomatology-the study of symptom
synecology-the study of the ecological interrelation
technology-the study of practical arts and crafts
thermology-the study of heat
tocology-the study of chikdbirth
toxicology-the study of poision
traumatology-the study of wounds
tribology-the study of friction and lubrication
trichology-the study of hair and scalp
typology-the study of classification
urology-the study of the urogenital tract
vaccinology-the study of vaccines
virology-the study of viruses
volcanology-the study of volcanoes
xenophobia-the study of non-terrestial life
xylogy-the study of woods
zoology-the study of animals
zoopathology-the study of animals diseases
zoopsychology-the study of mental processes in animals
zymology-the study of fermentation
zooarchaeology-the study and analysis of animals remains at arcaheologicalsites to reconstruct the relationship between people, animals, and their environment

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