GEOGRAPHY QUIZ,geography objective questions



1. Willi Willi is ---a tropical cyclone in northwest Australia.

2. A meteor is --a piece of matter.

3. Which mountain range is spread  over only one state in india?-- The Ajanta.

4. The fastest planet is --mercury.

5.Khanha national park is situated at--Madhyapradesh.

6. Which does not belong to temperate grassland?--savannah.

7.what are 'doldrums'?--a low-pressure belt around the equator.

8. Next, to Hindi, the language is spoken by large numbers by the people of India is--Telegu.

9. The velocity of wind is governed by --Ferrel's law.

10. The soil of the hill region can be best preserved by which method--Terracing.

11.Which planet takes the longest time to revolve on its axis?--venus

12. Dodabeta peak is part of which mountain range?--Annamalai.

13. Which process is responsible for changing the color of rock yellow to red?--Oxidation.

14. The planet that is called blue planet is --The earth.

15.Which ocean is surrounded by the ring of fire?--The pacific ocean.

16. Which country is known as the "sugar bowl "of the world ?-Cuba?

17. When a person moves poles to the equator is equal to, the population of planet and animals ---Increase.

18. One degree of latitude on the equator is equal to a distance of ?--69 Miles.on the surface.

19. Grassland of South Africa is known as --The pampas.

20. Isobronts merge the places having?--Thunderstorm at the same time.

21. Which grassland does not support the trees?--Savannah.

22. A piece of the planet of irregular size is known as --asteroid.

23. The Talcher power project is located in?--orisha.

24. The third digit of every postal number (PIN) denotes --sorting district.

25. The famous Gobi desert is located at --under the shadow of the Ural mountain range.

26. How much area of the earth is covered by desert--1/7 parts.

27.In which state the silent valley is located--Kerala.

28. Which is a block mountain?--The rockies.

29.For which the place ozar is famous for?--big aircraft factory.

30. This is the main responsible factor changing or determining the climate change of a particular region--wind.

31.Which is supposed to be a great circle of the earth?--The equator.

32. Which state leads the highest production of ground nut?--Gujrath.

33.If the earth has no satellite what will happen?--springtide.

34. The palk strait is laid between --Gulf of manner and bay of Bengal.

35.the first coal mine in India was opened in --ranging in West Bengal.

36. The most abundant constituent of the earth crust is --Igneous rock.

37."The roaring forties "is a--Ocean current in the northern hemisphere.

38.The largest number of volcano found in -The circle of fire.

39.Between which country the Florida strait is located-- Cuba and Bahamas.

40. Why is there the severe difference of climate change between north and south hemisphere?--Due to rotation of the earth on its axis as well as around the sun.

41. Day and night are equal throughout the world ---Twice in a year.

42. The primitive tribe of Andaman is the decedent of --Negroids.

43. Whereof the India onecorned rhino is found--The Kaziranga sanctuary.

44. Which is the biggest delta in the world--The Ganga and the Brahmaputra.

45. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world?--Lake superior in North America.

46. The great Panama canal was dug to link ---The Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean.

47.Egypt's lies of which climate region?--hot desert.

48. The north pole is always light --from March 21 to September 23.

49. Contour are lines that show --Place on the earth on the same altitude.

50. The forest research institute of India is located in --Dehradun.

51. Murray -Darling basin is located in which country --Australia.

52.In which forest range the sandalwood trees are found--Deciduous forest.

53.Bridge town is the capital of ---Barbados.

54. The Mariana trench is located at --West Pacific ocean.

55. The Duncan passage is situated between --south and Little Andaman.

56. Where is the Gulf of manor located--east of Tamilnadu.

57. Most of the rivers flowing west of India did form the delta due to--Lace of vegetation-free area.

58. A river valley becomes broad generally due to--lateral erosion.

59. The troposphere is the warmest part of the atmosphere because it --is warmed by the earth surface.

60. The river Brahmaputra is also known as Tsangpo in---Tibet.

61. Ocean current is mainly created due to--temperature difference of ocean current.

62. The Indian subcontinent lies in --the northern hemisphere.

63. The largest sal forest is reserved --eastern peninsula.

64.Nathula pass is situated in --Sikkim.

65. Gypsum is mostly used in which industry--cement and fertilizer.

66. Mangrove forest in India most extensively occurs in--Sunderbans.

67. A huge mass of ice fed by snow on a high mountain slowly sliding downhill before it starts melting is called--glacier.

68.which rock could be formed by the deposit of animals shell and skeleton?----limestone

70. The leading producer of silver in the world is--Mexico.

71. South Indian largest bird sanctuary is located at--Ranganna Citta, Karnataka.

72. The sea bed stoping gradually and bordering the continent is called---continental shelf.

73. The Nepal Himalaya extends from ---river Kali to river Tista.

74.The atmospheric pressure at thre sea level is--1034gms/

75. The dead sea is --an inland sea or a sea that is locked by land with maximum salt content than sea water.

76.The place "Barauni" is associated with--oil refinery.

77.The largest number of sugar mills located in which state of India --- Uttarpradesh.

78.Which port of India is a tax-free or levy free --Kandala.

79. Thalghat and Bhorghat is the main passes of --Maharastra.

80.a group of island is called --Archipelago

81. Tribals of the Nilgiri Hill is called--Toda

82. The first rail was laid in the world----North East England.

83. Which state of India tops in the distribution of forest area? --- Madhyapradesh.

84. Which state of India is the leading producer of cement--Tamilnadu.

85.Which mountain is supposed to be the oldest mountain according to geological history in India--Aravallis.

86. The most important Kharif crops in India is ---Rice.

87. The cultivation of rice in West Bengal is mainly --a subsistence farming not commercial purposes.

88. The international date line corresponds to -- 180-degrees longitude.

89. Diego Garcia island is located in the---Pacific ocean.

90. Which is the only natural satellite of the earth--The moon.

91.The capital of Papua new guinea---Port more sly.

92. The lagoon is formed due to---marine deposits.

93. Deciduous trees are trees--that sheds their trees during certain seasons.

94. The multi-purpose river valley called so ---they help in irrigation, power generation and flood control of a particular area.

95. Most of the weather phenomenon take place in --Troposphere.

96. Which layer of atmosphere maintain an almost uniform or same temperature--Stratosphere.

97 . The revolution of the earth around the sun causes--Seasons.

98. The most abundant gas in the atmosphere is --Nitrogen.

99. Where is the doldrum belt is located---Near the equator?

100. The term"epicenter" is associated with--earthquake.

101. Blizzards are generally found in --Antarctic.

102.Hail is consisted of ---crystal of ice.

103. The crystal layer of the earth is also called--sial.

104.The name of the instrument that is used to measure the humidity-- Hygrometer.

105. The process of more ware vapor directly in ice is called-- sublimation.

106. The temperature at which the air is fully saturated is called--Dew point.

107. What is meant by the term"cirrus"--a high cloud.

108.what does the term 'lithosphere ' refers to---Crust of the earth.
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