Economics questions and answers pdf
Economics questions and answers pdf
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Economics questions and answers pdf

Are you searching on the internet economics questions and answers pdf for rail , then you have visited the right platform, here we have shared the link of RRB NTPC Previous Years Papers PDF Download (2006-2016)  for the aspirant who has started applied for competitive Examination, I hope this will immensely help aspirants to better to study the lesson, a link is given below;

Qus.(1) Which of the following is used to denote broad money ?

Qus.(2) Which among the followwing is NOT a Subsidiary of RBI ?

Qus.(3) Which of the following schemes have been subsumed in the recently approved Yushman Bharat-National Health Protection mission (AB-NHPM) ?

Qus.(4) Which among the following is a qualitative tool of Monetary policy?

Qus.(5) Which among the following closest instrument to GOLD ETF?

Qus.(6) Which among the following is NOT a pillar of Basel III?

Qus.(7) Which among the following was the first bank purely managed by Indians?

Qus.(8) Inflation Indexed Bonds is pegged to......?

Qus.(9) Which of the following best defines a floating rate bond?

Qus.(10) What term is used for maximum capital which the company can raise in its lifetime?

Qus.(11) What is the minimum public shareholding (MPS) mandated by SEBI for private companies and PSUs respectively?

Qus.(12) Currently which among the following products is facing imports ban from China?

Qus.(13) Why the indirect taxes are termed as regressive taxing mechanisms?

Qus.(14) The Concept of 'Universal Banking' was implemented in India on the recommendations of

Qus.(15) Which among the following is the oldest Public sector Bank of India?

Qus.(16) Which of the following Price Indices of India is considered for measuring 'Headline Inflation' ?

Qus.(17) Which of the following agricultural commodity of India given the largest in terms of export value?

Qus.(18) The central nodal agency for implementing the price support operation for commercial crops is?

Qus.(19) What is the upper limit of the transaction of amount via NEFT to a person in Nepal via the Indo-Nepal Remittance facility scheme?

Qus.(20) Devaluation of currency can correct a Balance of Payments deficit because -