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"world at first glance in nutshell"
"world at first glance in nutshell"

"world at first glance in nutshell"

➤The total length of the Earth is 1489 40000 SQ

➤Tthe total surface area of the world is 5100 64472 square km

➤Total water bodies of the world are 36 113 2000 sq.

➤The total volume of the Earth is 1.08 321 * 1012 km3

➤The total population of the world is 7.40 billion

➤ The actual weight of the world is 5.9722* 1024 kg

➤The actual age of the world according to the scientist is 4.54 billion years

➤ The world distance from the sun the major Planet of the universe is 150 million km

➤The actual speed of the world rotation is 1670 km per hour

➤The world takes 23.9 34 hours to revolve around its Orbit

➤ The average surface temperature of the world is -8 8/5 degree Celsius

➤The equatorial radius of the world is 637 8.1 km

➤ 635 6.8 km is the polar radius of the earth

➤ There are seven continents in the world that's are Asia Africa Europe North America South America Australia Antarctica among these continents Asia is the largest continent while Australia is the smallest

➤ There are five oceans in the world that is first one the Pacific Ocean the second one is Atlantic ocean and the third one Indian Oceans and South Arctic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean  among these oceans the Pacific Ocean is the largest oceans while Antarctic oceans are the smallest

➤ There are almost 137 seas in the world

➤According to the scientist, the world is consist of tectonic plates they are African Antarctica Australians Eurasian Indians North American Pacific South America the speed of the Earth rotation is 16700 hours

➤ According to the United Nations, there are 1 93 countries in the world, among the 193 countries, Russia is the largest country in the world

➤ The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean is the deepest trench in the world while the Mount Everest located in Nepal is the highest place in the world
The river Nile is the longest river in the world

➤The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world


➤The average age of this Cosmopolitan has assumed according to the scientist is 67.2 years

➤There are two motion of the earth one is durinal motion and the second one is annual motion changes the years and seasons and durinal motion changes day and night
The distance between the sun and the earth become very less in 3rd June and the distance between the sun and the earth become very long in 4th July

➤There are four levels of the earth number one is lithosphere and the number to is Hydrosphere and the number 3 is the atmosphere and the number 4 is a biosphere

➤The word inclines with its Orbit 66. 30 degree

➤The world consists of several elements like aluminum 0.4% Silicon 13 person calcium 1.2% magnesium 17% oxygen 28% Nickel 2.7 % iron  35% part 2 and 2.7 %

➤There are many important Seas and be in the world among them some importance are given below
South China Sea Caribbean Sea Mediterranean sea Bering sea gulf of Mexico sea of Okhotsk East China Sea Hudson Bay Sea of Japan Andaman sea and South Sagar the Black Sea-Dead Sea-Baltic Sea and Baltic Bay

➤ There are many important rivers in the world among them some important are given below the river Nile situated in Africa and the Amazon located in South America Mississippi  Mussoorie in USA Yang SI kiang in China Lena in Russia war in China McKinsey in Canada making in Asia the river Niger in Africa Saint Lawrence in USA Canada Shiva Piranha is in South America did you see in Russia Mare darling in Australia Volga Russia very important river  the river Danube in Europe the riverside in Africa and the river Euphrates in Asia and the river Ganga in India and the river Brahmaputra in India and the river Indus in Asia

➤Some important waterfall in the world the angels in Venezuela and the Niagara in Canada and Warrior in Brazil and jog in India

➤ Here are some deserts in the world are the Sahara in North Africa and the Australian desert in Australia and the Arabian desert in the Middle East and the Gobi desert in Mongolia in China and the desert the Kalahari in South Africa and the Taklamakan in China and the general in South Africa and Thar between Bharat and Pakistan