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 General knowledge History quiz 

GK Quiz on History

1. In which year the Morley Montagu act was introduced?
a) 1600
b) 1920
c) 1909
d) None of these

c) 1909

2. Whom did mohammad Ghori assigne his possession in India?
a) Kanishka
b) Qutbuiddin Aibak
c) Sultan Rajia
d)Ibrahim Lodi

b) Qutbuid??
a) 1720,23 January
b) 1950,24 January
c) 1948,24 January
d) None of these
1950,24 January
3.who built the Mahabalipuram temple & the Kailasanath temple?
a) Aprajitha Burman
b) Narasimha Varmun -1
c) Albukark
d) Aprajitha Burman

b) Narasimha Varmun -1

4.who was the preceptor of Jallianwala Bagh massacre on April 13th at Amritsar?
a) Lord Mountbatten
b) Samudra Gupta
c) General Dyer
d) None of these

c) General Dyer

5. who was the founder of the swaraj party?
a) Warren Hastings
b) Au hum
c) Ramsey Macdonald
d) Motilal Nehru

(d) Motilal Nehru

6.when the battle of Sepoy Mutiny took place?
a) 1857
b) 1820
c) 1757
d) None of these
a) 1857

7.who  was the first martyr of the revolution 1857?
a) Titumir
b) Mongal pande
c) Muhammad Ali & Shaukat Ali
d) Kshudiram Bose

(B) Mangal Pande
8. where did the sepoy mutiny first start?
(a) kolkata
c) Hooghly
d) Barrackpore
(B) Barrackpore

9.who was the main leader of the Indigo revolution of Nadia?
a) Bishnu Charan Biswas & Digambar Biswas
b) Samudra Gupta & Kanishka
c) Titumir & Vagat Singh
d) Sidhu & Kanhu

a) Bishnu Charan Biswas & Digambar Biswas

10. when the capital of India shift from Kolkata to Delhi ??
a) 1920
b) 1911
c) 1910
d) 1911

b) 1911
12 When did the battle of boxer happen ??
a) 1764
b) 1664
c) 1820
d) 1925
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a) 1764