General knowledge History quiz  objective questions
General knowledge History quiz  objective questions

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 General knowledge History quiz 

GK Quiz on History

1. What were these'deepavansa'&'Mahavansa'?
a) Social reformers organization
b) Two branches of Jainism
c) Two committees of Hindus Civilization
d) Ashoka's Dharam


2. When did the art of Ghandhar introduce?
(a) During the Reign of Muhammad Ghori
b)During the Reign of Kanishka
c)During the Reign of Allauddin Khilgi
d)During the Reign ofSultan Balban


3. who wrote the book"Arth Sastra?
a) Akbar
b) Sher Shaha
c) Kautilya
d) Bahadur Saha-2


4. The subject matter of The book "Artha Sastra"?
a) The Economy policy
b)The Religious book
c)Vardhan's Inscription
d) The Principles of state policy


5. who established Delhi sultan empire?
a) Pallavas
b) The Mughal
c) The pandas
d)Qutub -ud-din Aibak


6. who was known as Indian nepolean?
a) Akbar
b)  Mohammad Ghori
c) Aurangeb
d) Samudra Gupta


7. The Ashoka was great because of which of the following?
a) winner of Kaling War
b) a successful Maurya Emperor
c)Believed in Buddha Dharma
d) None of this

8. which of the following Mughal empire not interested in Music?
(a) Akbar
c) Babar
d) Humayun

9. The satavahanas king mainly ruled in which part of India?
b) Delhi
c) Tamilnadu
d) Andrapradesh


10. Rajaram Mohan established which of the following Organization?
a) Theosophical Society
b) Arya Samaj
c) Brahmo Samaj
d) Swaraj Party

12. Local self Development Government started during the tenure of  ??
a) Mountbattain
b) Dalhousie
c) Lord Canning
d) Lord Rippon
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