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how to write story writing

HOW to write a story?

  • 1. Read the outline first.

    2.choose an appropriate title of the story in Capital letters.

    3. Use the outline as much as possible to form a full sentence.

    4. Add some relevant sentences to the outlines.

    5. Use the past form of the verbs.

    6.you Can use or add short dialogue within the story to make it free from artificial or natural & interesting.

    7. Add suitable Moral, if any at the end of the story.

how to write story writing

In the English language, there are many types of stories. Some of these are given below with explanation.

1.Folk Tale.
The folk tale is popular stories handed down from generation to generation. It often has a moral.

Fables are short tales usually with animal characters & they always have a moral.

3.Stories on human beings.
Here is depicted interesting &factual episodes of some human beings.

4.Stories with real-life experience.
In this story, we depict happening collected from real life experience.

1. Read the following hints & develop a story with the help of it. Give a suitable title & moral to your story.
Mice causing Mischief in a house------- The master of house or owner of the house brings cat---The mice are in danger----They hold a meeting---who is to bell the cat----one of them proposes to tie a bell around the cat's neck.

             WHO IS TO BELL THE CAT.

             WHO IS TO BELL THE CAT.

Once upon a time there lived in a huge house a large number of Mischievous mice. The master of the house became annoyed & hit upon a plan to get rid of them. He managed to bring a cat to kill the mice. The mice found themselves in great danger. They could not move freely inside the house of the master due to Cat brought by the master of the house.so.They held a meeting to discuss the matter & find out a way out. Several proposals were made, but none sounded effective. Finally, a young mouse rose to speak. He said, "I have a good plan for your consideration."Let us tie a bell around the cat's neck.Then we shall hear him coming & hide in time."All the mice cheered & thanked the young mouse for his plan. At last, an old mouse stood up & said, "No doubt, the idea is good. But pray, who is to bell the cat?".At this, all remained silent. There was none who dared to bell the cat.