Parts of speech,8 parts of speech,english of speech rule

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Parts of speech,8 parts of speech, English of speech rule

what are parts of speech or Definition of parts of speech?

 A sentence is a group of words that make a proper sense or having a clear meaning that is called sentence and these words that are used in this sentence is called parts of speech. or more clearly in English grammar words are divided into different kinds or classes that are called parts of speech.

In the English language, there are 8 parts of speech that are very important to form a sentence. These are provided below with full example and definition as well as illustration.



3. Adjective





Parts of speech,8 parts of speech, English of speech rule


What is the Noun or definition of a Noun.

The name of a person, things or place is called a noun. The word that is used to mean or denote that we can perceive by the sense or think about it.

EX.- House.Ram .Tree.Akbar .King Queen.


What is Pronoun or definition of it?

A pronoun is a word that is used in place of Noun

Ex.I.We.They.He.She.You.Me. .mine

What is Adjective or Definition of the adjective

An adjective is a word used with a noun to denotes or describe or point out personal, animal, place or thing and tell the number an adjective can be defined as a word used with a noun to add something to its meaning. More clearly, an adjective denotes quality, quantity, condition, degree.and number of a noun or pronoun.

Some example of adjective:

What is adverb or definition of an adverb.

An adverb is a word used to modify any parts of speech except noun, pronoun, and interjection that is called Adverb.An adverb may denote time , place, number, manner,degree,reason,purpose,condition & contrast.

Some example of an adverb.
Now.todaytomorrow.after .ago.soon

Note-As per general rule an adjective qualifies a noun or pronoun but some grammarian believes adverb may also modify noun & pronoun also.

Ex. Even Shyam praised them. ( Modify as a noun)
Ex. Only you can do this. ( modify as pronoun)

What is preposition or definition of a preposition

A preposition is a word that is used before noun or pronoun to denote or show the relation of that noun or pronoun with any other words of the sentence.

Some example of a preposition. towards.up.down.under.with.within.without.via.through.

What is the conjunction or definition of conjunction

A conjunction is a word used to join two words, phrases or clause.

Some example of Conjunction

Cumumulative- well as.not.....only,  but.. also.joth.

Alternative- either or neither nor .or .otherwise.

Adersative- but.still.yet.however.nevertheless.

Illative- so far. therefore.

What is interjection or definition of interjection

An interjection in the true sense is not a part of speech as it has no connection or relation with other words of the sentence. Therefore an interjection is the only exclamatory word is used in a sentence to denote or mean strong feeling or emotion.

Some example of Interjection

Ex. Fie! What a lier you are.

Ex.Alas! The man is no more.

Ex.Oh! You have come last.

Ex.Bravo! We have completed it.

Ex Hurrah! We have won a cricket match.

What is the verb or definition of the verb.

A verb is a word by which it denotes doing or being something or which means some activity.

Example of a Verb.

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