Types of Sentences | Guide to Grammar & Writing|kind of sentence pdf downloadThere are four sentence types that you should know. Learn what they are and how to diagram them.There are mainly four types of sentences: Declarative Imperative Interrogative Exclamatory The declarative sentence merely makes a statement. The imperative sentence expresses a command, order
Types of Sentences | Guide to Grammar & Writing|kind of sentence pdf download

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A sentence is a combination of meaningful sense with a proper order or a group of words that makes a meaningful sense is called Sentence.
A sentence may be often single worded like-stop.halt or multi worded like I read in class six besides verbless like so what, all right.

Therein English Language sentence has been divided into five types according to sense or Function, but each sentence also divided into 1. Affirmative   2. Negative 

Kinds of sentences according to Function
Generally, sentences are five types according to function :
Types of Sentences | Guide to Grammar & Writing|kind of sentence pdf download





PATTERN of Assertive Sentence

subject  +  verb  +  object/ complement
Example of some Assertive Sentence

1.Ram goes to school.
2. He is an intelligent boy.
3. They play football in the afternoon every day.
4. You have done this work.

Pattern of Imperative Sentence :

Verb  +  Object or complement.
Example of some Imperative Sentence.

1. Go to the blackboard.
2.shut the door.
3. Close your eyes.
4.write your name on the blackboard.

Pattern of Interrogative Sentence
Be/ Have verb  + subject + main verb +  object .
Ex.1. Are you a peasant?
Ex.2. Is he your brother?
Ex.3.Have you pet?
Helping verb + subject + main verb + object 
Ex. Do you know him?
Ex. Does your father work hard?
Ex. Did you go there?
Ex. Do they play football?
wh- word + helping verb + subject + main verb + object {wh words are what,why,when,how,which,whom,etc}
Ex.When did the train reach the station?
Ex. Why did they go there?

The pattern of Optative sentence
May + subject-verb  + object 
Ex. May you live long.
Ex. May God bless you.
EX.May he not suffer.
Ex May God pardon his sin.


Rule-Exclamatory word + Subject + verb + object 
Ex.Hurrah! we have won the match.
Ex. Alas! he is no more.
Ex.Bravo! You have well done.


➤Stating a fact-British ruled Indian for two hundred years
➤Reporting fact-Two men died in the earthquake.
➤Describing the things-There many ponds in the village
➤Narrating an events-Samir broke his hand and resigned from the cricket.
➤Supposing-I thinks he will be successful.
➤Asserting a fact-Yes, I have done this.
➤Confessing-It is not possible for me to perform the job.
➤Classifying-Here are two groups of players.
➤Describing a process- water turns into ice in -0.0Decree celsius.
➤Comparing-He is as cunning as Fox.
➤Apologizing-I is sorry, I have hurt you.
➤Defining-all animals are not equal in nature.


1.Interrogating-Are you all right?
2. Asking for yes or no-Do Know him?
3. Offering-May I help you?
4. Asking permission-May I come in sir?
5. Enquiring-When will the Rajdhani Express leave for Delhi?
6. Asserting fact-Who does not want freedom?
7. Make Challenging-Who dares to defy me?
8. Expressing doubt-Who knows when our poverty will go?

 When to use COMMAND or Request

1. Commanding-soldier, march on.
2.consoling-Do not worry.
3.Permitting-Take whatever you want.
4.Ordering-Go there.
5.Warning-Get ready for the rest.
6.Instruction-Boil the water until it evaporates.
7. Requesting-Please gives me a glass of water.
8. Suggesting-let us settle the matter.
9. Directing-Go straight and turn left.
10. Advising-Obey your parents.
11.Outbursting-Get out or shut up
12.Threatening-Do what I say.


1. Expressing joy-hurrah! we have won the match?
2. Expressing sorrow-Alas! he is no more
3.Greeting-Good Night, Good evening
4.Encouraging-Bravo! you have well done.
5. Expressing wonder -What a nice bird it is!
6. Expressing disgust-What a lier you are!