[ eassy]environmental pollution land pollution water  pollution air pollution

[ eassy]environmental pollution land pollution 

water  pollution air pollution 

Environment pollution is a burning problem of the modern age. Growing consciousness about the problem is now manifest. The danger of environment pollution is now perceived by all the nation throughout the world- developed & developing countries. It is the direct result of industrial development, technological process, and nuclear weapons. Environment pollution may be described as unfavorable alternations of our surroundings. It takes place through changes of energy pattern, radiation level, chemical & physical constitution and abundance of Organism. It includes the release of materials into the atmosphere which makes the air unstable breathing, harm the quality of water and soil and damage the health of the plant, animal & human beings.

In the modern age of science & technology have registered important innovations and development. Factories have grown up, gas is used in everything. There are other inevitable corollaries.Environmentispolluted.The environment includes air, atmosphere, water, land & sound. Every aspect of the environment is being poisoned in the modern industrialized society. Different natural element foster & develop life, but if these elements are polluted by the human being, they poison & damage life. Nature creates an ecosystem, men disturb the ecological balance by felling forests, poisoning air and water & causing sound pollution.

Air pollution

In the first palace, there is air pollution because of smoke, gases, dirt, moisture abnormal temperature & so on. Smoke from chimneys of factories, exhaust emission from automobiles, dirt & dust and garbages pollute the air. In this nature is constantly poisoned & made ugly by the lighting smudge of foundry smoke, There are nuclear weapons & explosion which harms the air with poisonous chemicals.

water pollution

Water is polluted by the increasing discharge of industrial effluents, sewage disposal, oil discharge on the sea by the oil tanker & machine controlled boats. Excessive use of fertilizers like insecticide, an herbicide used for protection of crops contaminates the soil& damage the agricultural productions. The nuclear test, mineral discharge  & radioactive dust also pollute the atmosphere & air. The noise & bustle of an industrial town, loudspeaker, motor vehicle, train, aircraft, procession & rallies cause noise as pollutant.noise need not just lead the deafness. It also damages the heart patients as well as old one & pregnant women. Besides these, research shows that noise pollution cause ulcers, abortions, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension & congenital defects. Air pollution also contributes to chronic respiratory diseases. Those living near smelter & refineries often face increased cancer risk because of the toxic substance coming out of the smokestacks

Land pollution

The presence in water of micropollutant toxic chemical & metals and of diseases causing microorganism has increased over the years. Thermal pollution of waterways is also causing increasing concerns. Contamination of waterways from diffuse sources runoff from farmlands & from urban areas, which often carry oil, metal & other pollutants is on the increase of most countries. Acid & heavy metals falling from the rain constitute an additional source of water degradation. Soil pollution results from the disposal of solid and semi-solid waste from agricultural work and unsanitary habit as well as factories. Soil is heavy polluted by harmful materials & microorganism which enter the food chain or water are consequently ingested by man. The bacteria which are transmitted from air to soil infect man causing bacillary dysentery, cholera, typhoid, etc. Dlies which breed or get in contact with contaminated soil become carriers of the disease organism. It is said that many chemicals are continually discharged in air and poison nature. Deforestation is another cause of eco-suicide.

The first and important cause of pollution is growing pollution. The earth is now crawled with people & all of them consume resources & create waste. If the per capita amount of pollutants & waste were to remain constant, the residue loading of the environment would rise in relation to the growth of the population. Another important factor is rapid industrialization & haphazard urbanization all over the world. Modern technology cause materials to be removed from the limited geological deposits or from living system to be eventually discharged as waste. Not only does this waste acts as pollutants of the natural cycle but also they alter the composition of the atmosphere & disturb the balance of solar radiation. This man's industrial activities add more stresses to toro the biosphere. Haphazard urbanization makes it quite difficult to provide & maintain the required civic amenities. Some cities have become so large & so crowded that the municipality fails to maintain sewage, provide clean drinking water or adequate garbage removal facilities.

 Environmental pollution has to be checked. It does not mean that industrialization would stop & use of science & technology would be suspended; on the contrary science & technology could be applied for checking pollution of air, water & atmosphere. The advanced countries have taken numbers of steps or measures for controlling pollution. London, Paris, the Ruhr use smokeless fuel. In India, the government is alive to the problem & has taken steps to control pollution. The Ganga water action plan seeks to check the pollution of water. Unhygienic use of tank, ponds, reservoir & lake has to be stopped..The measure is being taken to stop gas leakage through innovative technological devices & anti-pollution equipment. Garbage clearance, silt- trapping & soil conservation are steps in these aspects. Afforestation is given priority & irresponsible cutting off trees is prohibited. Plants life & animal life are being given security & comforts. Ecological balance is important for environment security & sanctity. Noise from electrical horns of the vehicles & automobiles & reckless use of loudspeakers has to be checked & minimized. The united nation environmental program is sponsoring 5th June of every year as the World Environmental Day to evolve fruitful programs for international cooperation. The summit conference of Copenhagen has discussed measures to control emissions & developed nations have to be taken greater responsibility in this matter. It is people awareness & nation's efforts that can check environmental degradation. The environment must be made & free so that man, plants animals can live with good health & sound minds.
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