phrasal verbs, list of phrasal verbs, a phrasal verb list, list phrasal verbs, what are phrasal verbs, use of phrasal verbs

phrasal verbs, list of phrasal verbs, a phrasal verb list, list phrasal verbs, what are phrasal verbs, use of phrasal verbs

Example of some phrasal verbs with sentences.

1.Act upon( affect)
Ex. Over-exercise can act upon your health.

2.Act under ( in obedience to)
Ex. He acted under my obedience.

3.Act for ( on behalf of )
Ex. They act for the secretary.

4.Act up to ( ( according to )
He always acts up to my advice.

5. Ask for ( pray for)
He asked for a loan of ten thousand.

6.Bear away ( win)
He bears away the prize in a music competition.

7.Bear down ( defeat)
The king bore down the enemies.

8.Bear  on ( relate to)
The remark does not bear on these subjects.

9.Bear off ( win)
Bimal bore off all prizes.

10.Bear out ( support)
The evidence does not bear out the charges.

11.Bear up ( sustain)
His patience bears up in a difficult situation

12.Bear with ( tolerate)
I can not bear with such an insult.

13.Blow off ( emit)
The engine blows off Carbon dioxide.

14.Blow out ( extinguish)
Please Blow out the lamp.

15.Blow up ( Explode )
The soldier blows up the bridge by the explosion.

16. Breakaway ( get away)
The convict broke away the prison.

17.Break down ( decline)
His health breaks down due to hard work.

18.Break-in ( Interrupt)
You should not break in our conversation.

19.Break into ( Enter by force)
The robber last night broke into the house.

20.Break off ( stop suddenly)
The speaker broke off suddenly in the middle of the speech.

21.Break down ( spread suddenly)
Cholera broke down the village.

22. Breakthrough.( get through by force)
The soldier broke through the line of the enemy.

23.Break up ( close)
Our school breaks up at 4: 0 o' clock.

24.Break with ( quarrel)
He has broken with his friends.

25. Bring about ( cause to happen)
They have tried to bring about between them.

26. Bring down ( reduce)
The good production crop brought down the price of it.

27. Bring forth ( produce)
The normal brings fort handsome crop.

28. Bring forward( propose)
They brought forward a good proposal.

29. Bring in ( yield)
His property brings in Rs- 45,000 per year.

30. Bring off ( rescue)
They bring off the passengers from the wrecked ship.

31. Bring out ( Publish)
The publisher brought out a new book.

32. Bring through( cure)
The new treatment brought the patient through.

33. Bring up ( rear)
she was brought up by his aunt.

34.Brust into ( expression emotion)
She bursts into years to see her son dead.

35.Brust out ( begin sudden)
They burst out laughing.

36. Call at ( visit)
He calls at the office yesterday.

37. Call for ( want for)
They called for an examination from me.

38. Call forth ( use)
You have to call forth your best effort to pass the exam.

39. Call in ( send for )
Please call the doctor.

40. Call off ( withdraw)
The workers called off the strike. upon ( meet a person)
He called upon a man yesterday. out ( shout)
They called out for help in danger.

43. Call over ( readout)
The teacher Called over the pupils by their names.

44. Call up ( remember)
I can not call up his name.

45. Carry away ( remove or shift)
The wounded man carried away to the hospital.

46.Carry off ( Cause to death)
Cholera has caused many people this year.

47.Carry off ( win)
He carried away the best prize.

48.Carry on ( Continue)
Please carry on your business.

49.Carry out ( obey )
You must carry out the rule.

50. Carry forward ( take forward)
The amount carried forward to the next page of passbook.
➥1.Bear with ( tolerate)
I can not bear with such insults.

➥2.Break-in ( enter by force)
The robbers broke in at the dead of night.

➥3.Break up ( close)
 Our school breaks up at 4.00 pm.

➥4. Bring up ( Rear)
He was brought by his aunt.

➥5.Brust into ( break down)
She burst into tears to hear the sad news.

➥6. Call at ( ( visit)
I shall call at your house at night.

➥7. Call in ( send for)
Please call in doctor immediately.

➥8. Call up ( remember)
I can not call up the incident.

➥9. Carry on ( continue)
We must carry on our duty entrusted by our Manager.

➥10.Carry out ( execute)
We should carry out our programme.

➥11. Come of ( born)
He came of a good family.

➥12. Come off ( take place, happen)
The ceremony will come off on 3rd July.

➥13. Come out ( reveal)
The secret of the massacre came out to the public.

➥14. Come round ( recover)
The patient comes round from chronic disease.

➥15. Do away with ( abolish )
The custom dowry must be done away with.

➥16.Get up ( wake up)
They get up late on Sunday.

➥17. Get at ( reach )
We could not get at the truth of the news.

➥18.Get off ( escape)
He fell into trouble but got of unarmed.

➥19. Give up ( abandon)
You must give up your bad habits.

➥20. Go on ( continue)
Go on with your work so that you may finish it in time.

➥21. Go out ( extinguish)
Suddenly, all the lights went out.

➥22. Go through ( read)
We must go through the newspaper every day.

➥23. Go without( The poor beggar had gone without food for several days.

➥24. Hold in ( Be consistent)
You should hold in & be patient in trouble.

➥25. Hold out ( sustain )
Our store will hold out another month

➥26. Hold up ( The final match was held up by a sudden spell of rain.

➥27. Look for( search for)
The young man was looking for a suitable job.

28. Look into  ( special care)
The police were looking into this mysterious affairs.

➥29. Look up ( Search out)
If you don' t understand the meaning of this word, you can look it up in the dictionary.

➥30. Make of ( consist of )
The ring is made of diamond.

➥31. Make up for ( Compensate )
You must work harder to make up for the loss.

➥32.Pass off( stop)
We resumed our journey after the storm passed off.

➥33. Put forth ( give birth )
Trees put forth new leaves at the advent of spring.

➥34. Put off ( remove)
We should put off our shoes before entering our bedroom.

➥35. Put on ( wear)
 Put on your hat in sun.

➥36.put up with ( bear)
I find it difficult to put up with.

➥37.Runaway with ( take away)
The thief ran away with the watch.

➥38.Run out( exhaust)
The fuel of the aeroplane ran out in the sky.

➥39.Set about ( start)
We must set about our work as fast as possible.

➥40.set in ( begin)
The monsoon sets in usually in the middle of June in India.

➥41.set up ( establish) The school was set up in 2000.

➥42. Stand for( represent)
UN stands for united nations.

➥43. Tell upon ( harm)
We should not tell upon him

➥44. Turn down ( reject)
The proposal was turned down by the committee.

➥45. Turn in ( go to bed)
We all turned in at 10 pm.

➥46. Turn on ( operate)
The radio was turned on to hear the programme.

➥47. Turn off ( extinguish )
Turn off all light of the house.

➥48.Act for( work for)
We all act for the betterment of the work.

➦49.Admit to ( make registration on something)
He was admitted in class 6.

➥50.Ask for ( want for)
The man asked for help in bad days.

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