Wondering what a prepositional phrase is and how to use it? Learn the grammar rules governing adverbial, adjectival, and other prepositional phrases

What are the Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples & Exercises, prepositional phrase

➧➧➧Definition of preposition:

A preposition is a word placed before noun & pronoun to show its relation to some other words in a sentence.

➦➦Some example of the proposition;

About,-I did not know about the incident.

Above-The sky is above our head.

After-You will come after 2;30 Pm.

At-He live at Cotai.

Before-They finished dinner before 9'30 Pm.

By-The man was sitting by the temple.

For-He worked for success.

From-My uncle is returning from the USA.

In-They is sitting in the room.

Of-The chair is made of wood.

On-The book is on the table

Upon-The bear is upon the hill.

Through-The electricity can pass through the wire.

To-They are going to school.

Under-The old man was sleeping under the tree.

With-We writes with a pen.

Among-David was among the boys.

Between-David is between the boys.

Since-It has been raining since yesterday.

Against-He spoke against me.

Down-Look down the hill.

Upward-Please looks upward.

Into-The frog is jumping into the well.

Over-The birds fly over our head.

Across-The ship was crossing the river.

During-They were returning from the market during the night.

➦Types of Proposition





By + fore= before. By + hind = behind on + cross= accross

4.Participle preposition

Regarding, Concerning, During.

5.Disguised preposition

➤We write "On" as 'a '
He comes to see me a week.

 ➤ We write "Of" as 'o'.
It is at ten o' clock.

Prepositional phrase


➤1. At the top of -He shouts at the top of his voice.

➤2. By dint of - He won the prize by dint of hard work.

➤3. By means of - He received the prize by means of rigorous study.

➤4. By virtue of - He got the prize in the competition by virtues of perseverance.

➤5. For the shake of - Kshudiram sacrificed his life for the sake of his country.

➤6. In the case of - In case of fire, call the Fire Brigade.

➤7. In the course of - He expressed this in course of dialogue or conversation.

➤8. In favour of - He did this in favour of his brother.

➤9. In front of - They boys are waiting in front of the school.

➤10. In lieu of - Give the book in lieu of that.

➤11. Instead of - He started a business instead of crying for a job.

➤12. In order to - He worked hard in order to win the race.

➤13. In search of - They went to the forest in search of a rabbit.

➤14. In spite of - He went office in spite of his illness.

➤15. In the midst of - They are in the midst of great trouble.

➤16. In the nick of time - The police arrived in the nick of time.

➤17. In the teeth of - He.went on working in the teeth of strong opposition.

➤18. In view of - He agreed to do the work in view of the importance of the matter.

➤19. On account of - He could not attend the school on account of illness.

➤20. On behalf of - The headmaster welcomed the visitors on behalf of the authority.

➤21. On the eve of - He was bidden farewell on the eve of his departure.

➤22. Owing to - He could not attend the school owing to illness.

➤23. With a view to - He did this with a view to helping his brother.

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