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what is homophone in English grammar
Homonyms➥Each of two or more words having the same spelling & pronunciation bit different meaning & origins is called " Homonyms"
ex: Can-pot
ex: an- ability to do
ex:right- correct
ex: right- the South  direction of the human hand


Each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meaning, origins or spellings.

Ex: Right- correct.
Ex: write- Write down.
Homographs➥Same spelling but different pronunciations & meanings
Ex: Lead- A kind of metal.
Ex: Lead - Conduct.

  1. Example: "homonym, in a sentence, English as a second language, homograph, vocabulary, teachers, spelling, Examples of homophones, homophone examples, what is a homophone, common homophones, confused homophones:

Example of some Homophone words

Accept-take up
Except- dissimilar

Adopt- accept

Adapt- be habituated

Effect- result

Advice- Counsel
Advise- Provide counsel

Altar- Platform
Alter- exchange

Allussion- reference, hint or indication

Birth- breeding, delivery

Career-Profession, occupation
Carrier-porter ,bearer

Cite- mention, Quote, examplify
site- place, plot or location

Cheque-related to a bank issue
check- Control

Canvas- Coarse cloths

Cast- hurl, throw
Caste-  race or creed, tribe, class

Cease- stop
Seize- Capture

Course- definite way or path

Council- Member of board
Counsel- advice


Corps- a regiment of soldier

Corpse- a body of dead human being

Dew-Precipitation, snow
Due-Payable, outstanding.

Disease-Disorder, illness
Decease- Death

Decent-Nice, etiquette
Descent-land, get down, alight, disembark

Desert- sands
Desserts- sweet after meal

Diary-Calender or chronicle or Almanac
Dairy- Cattle farming

Eligible- worthy or qualified
Illegible- unable to read

Except- saving
Expect- hope or yearn

Fare- carrying the cost
Fair- nice, skin complexion

Firm-strong, not flexible
Farm- cropland or crop production land

Flatter- persuade or palp
Flutter- the sound of the flag 

Lose- miss
Loose- make untie

Liver- human organ
Lever- One type simple machinery

Massage-Press or pinch
Message- news

Peace- Calm, tranquility
Piece- cutting or slice

Pray- beg
Prey- Victim

Plane-even place or aircraft
Plain- simple

Pole- stick
Poll- election or related vote

Practice- habit
Practice- be habituated

Principle- policy or rule & regulation
Principal - head of the college 

Quite- Complete
Quiet- calm

Rain- shower, pour off water or precipitation
Reign- Rule, dominate

Sole- Only or merely
Soul- self, spirit, genie.psyche

Raise- uplift

Root-Foundation  original or related to trees
Route- fixed course

Sore- a wound, bruise
Soar- fly

Stair- ladder, step
Stare- look fixedly

Steal-, pilfer, loot
Steel- one type of iron; metal

Tail- an organ of an animal
Tale- story

Vain- fail
Vein- Artery
Wander- loiter

Wonder- amazement
brake/break: When teaching my son how to drive a car, I instructed her if she didn't strike the brake in time he would break the car's right mirror.
cell/sell: If you dispose of drugs, you will be arrested cent/scent: I won't waste one cent on a bottle of perfume until I comprehend that I like the scent.
die/dye: If you by chance drank a bottle of fabric dye, you might suffer.
flour/flower: To bake a flower-shaped cake, you need some flour.
for/four: we bought four new pairs of shoes for my upcoming vacation.
heal/heel: If the heel breaks on your shoe, you may fall. However, your wounds will heal over time.
hear/here: I wished to sit here so I could hear the singer performing without any disturbance.
hour/our: We have one hour before our meeting with the real estate agent.
idle/idol: Being idle makes me boring, but listening to my idol Taylor Swift makes me joyous.
knight/night: The knight is on his way to the battlefield, but traveling at night is very perilous.
knot/not: I do not know how she practiced tying the knot to make that tie.