write a story a greedy farmer and goose

                  THE GREEDY FARMER

➤Once there lived on the bank of a river a farmer. He lived in a hut. He was a very poor farmer. One day a king hermit gave him a wonderful goose. It used to lay a golden egg every day. Thus the farmer was very happy to be rich by selling those eggs in the nearest market. But gradually his greed grew unexpectedly. One day he said to himself, "If I get all the golden age at a time, I shall be as rich as the King." So hit upon a plan to cut the goose & get all the eggs inside the belly of goose. But after cutting the belly of the goose, he found there saw no eggs. He felt very sorry. He bitterly wept & said, " Oh! What a fool I have been!"
Moral - One who wants all lose all.


➤Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd boy in a village. He always went to tend the cattle in the forest. He used to look after the herd of cattle every day. He was very fond of fun. So he forgets the seriousness of his life. One day out of fun he cried out, " wolf! Wolf!, Please help me."The people who were working in the field beside the forest. They Came rushing to the spot to help him. But, they found that the shepherd boy was laughing. So, they went away. The same thing happened for a few more days. Then one day a wolf really to help him. The wolf killed the boy and the ship as well.
Moral- Nobody believes a liar.

                THE FOOLISH CROW

➤Once a crow was hungry. It came to the shop. When the owner of the rhe shop was absent, it stole a piece of meat of that butcher shop. It flew away nearby tree & sat on a tree. When he was about to eat it.A cunning fox was passing there. The fox was clever & greedy. It wanted to get the piece of meat from the crow. So it said to crow " You are a beautiful bird, Your voice is sweet, Please sing a song".Being flattered by the cunning fox, the foolish crow opened its mouth to sing. At once the piece of meat fell into the ground. Then the fox picked it up & went away.

Moral - Flatterers are never to be trusted.
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