Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 11th July 2019

 Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 11th July 2019

What are the current affairs?

events or incidents of political or social interest and importance happening around the world at the present time.

➤About Current affairs
Current affairs consist of the two words – Current and Affairs get together to give an interesting name to a subject of study. Current means of the late current affairs day to day life and affairs mean events, issues related to current affairs, etc. Therefore current affairs are the day to day even and incidents and events around us. 
Current affairs different from news
Technically Current Affairs is coined as a classification of broadcast journalism where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently happened or are ongoing at the time of broadcast. This differs from regular news telecasts where the stress is on news reports prepared for simple presentation as soon as possible, often with a minimum of analysis. It is also totally dissimilar from the news magazine show format in that the events are dealt in immediately.  Current Affairs is an explanation of current events and issues, including political or industrial debates public policy issues. The office separates Current Affairs from the coverage of news, coverage of special events like parliamentary proceedings, and the coverage of consumer affairs, among other exceptions.

The incidents and events that happen in an individual’s immediate environment are of concern and interest as they are so strongly connected to one’s cognitive-emotional structure. 
Current affairs spin around happenings in a different field related to national, international, economy, sports, science and technology, environment. The expansion of Current affairs is wider and deeply influenced all and sundry. Current Affairs enclose within its fold incidents occurring in different categories as well as related developments. For instance, national events include within its fold aspects like economy, social, political, sports, science, environment, etc. The event 7 incidents s can be of national importance or be not irrelevant at the state, district level.  If we discuss International Current its range could be related to the various aspects of politics, economy, science, and environment, and reach could be spread across continents such as America, southern Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Gulf countries Latin America, European, etc. Looking at this expand in reach and range of current affairs it can be proposed that one should draw guideline the limits of current affairs on the basis of individual needs and objectives.

Why should we read current affairs?

Current affairs play a vital role in the life of a student as well as job aspirants. It enriches not only the students but all people who are aspiring to continue learning new things every day. keeping yourself up to date not only keeps yourself update but also remains aware people around you knowledgeable.
Importance of current Affairs in various competitive Examination
Most of the students, as well as job aspirant, are not recognizing the importance of current affairs while preparing for all competitive exams. But after getting a low score they will know the important role of current affairs.
There are many difficult examinations like:-
  1. UPSC,
  2. SSC,
  3. IBPS and
  4. various others state level, where the students have to clear a section based on current affairs which took place in the world. After clearing the exam, even in the interview also they give a situation based on the ongoing latest current affairs and take your views based on it.

1. World Population Day is observed on 11th July.

➥World Population Day is celebrated on July 11 every year. The day is targeted to shift the focus towards the urgency and the significance of issues related to population. It may be remembered that World Population Day was set up by the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. World Population Day, which is being celebrated for over three decades, is meant to alert awareness about solutions related to the issues of a growing population.

: Theme and Significance-World Population Day 2019

The major objective behind celebrating World Population Day is to focus the attention on the consequences of increasing population and how it affects the overall development plans and programmes.
One of the greatest consequences of a growing population, which is perhaps a great menace to our livelihood as well, is the quick running out of natural resources.
This is dangerous as it hampers sustainable development. However, apart from this threat, the World Population Day must be looked at as an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of brotherhood.
On World Population Day, people must comprehend the responsibility they have towards each other.
The United Nation's Population Division works closely with agencies, programmes, funds, and various other bodies to execute several programmes on population.
Each country observers World Population Day in a different way. A majority of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) offices celebrate the World Population Day by making posters and conducting essay and sports concerts to create awareness regarding the cause.

World Population Day 2019: Facts and figures

Here are some of the most  populous countries in the world:

China ranks the most populous country in the world with 1.4 billion inhabitants followed by India with 1.3 billion inhabitants (17.7 per cent of the world population). Together these two countries account for 2.79 billion people or 36.15 per cent of the world population. The United States (329 Million) is the third most populous country followed by Indonesia (269 million), Brazil (212 million), Pakistan (204 million), Nigeria (200 million), Bangladesh (168 million), Russia (143 million) and Mexico (132 million).

The keynote of the World population by religion:

As per a demographic analysis and research by Pew research centre, nearly one in every three people in the world is a Christian. Around 31 per cent of the world's population covers Christianity. Nearly one in every four people in the world is a Muslim accounting for 24 per cent of the world's population. Followed by Hinduism (15 per cent), Buddhism (6.9 per cent), Folk religion (5.7 per cent), other religions (0.8 per cent) while only 0.2 per cent of the world's population follows Judaism. As per the same report, 16 per cent population of the world is not connected to any religion.

 Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 11th July 2019

2."Operation Thirst" launched by Railway Protection Force ( RPF) to ban the selling illegal company water.
➥Railway Protection Force (RPF) recently stared ‘Operation Thirst’ to ban disposing of unauthorized or illegal Packaged Drinking Water (PDW). During the operation, which was executed on 8 and 9 July 2019 fines were imposed on those found guilty and many were arrested.

Keynote about Operation Thirst
It was initiated by Railway Protection Force (RPF) as an all India drive to stop selling of unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water (PDW) in Delhi.

Under it as many as 1,371 people were nabbed and over 69,294 bottles were seized by RPF. The bottles were seized under section 144 and section 153 of the Indian Railway Act.

Areas: As per RPF, the operation was started in all major railway stations across the country to control the menace of unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water inside railway stations.

Operation Implementation: During the operation, a total fine amount of Rs. 6,80,855 has been comprehended from offenders and 4 pantry car managers involved in the selling of spurious mineral water was also nabbed. Also, many stalls on platforms which were found selling of PDW bottles of brands were found to be not authorized by Indian Railways.

3.M.Nageswar Rao became the Director General of  Fire service, Home guard & civil defence service.
➥ In a sudden move, the government on Friday rejected Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) additional director M Nageswar Rao and appointed him as director-general of fire services, civil defence and home guard.

A 1986-batch IPS officer from Odisha cadre, Rao held retains the position of interim chief of the CBI twice.

According to an official order, he was removed from the post of CBI additional director and posted as director-general of fire services, civil defence and home guard.

The government had inferred to remove former agency director Alok Verma and his deputy Rakesh Asthana amidst an unprecedented tussle between the two.

They had charged allegations of corruption against each other after which the government handed over the charge to Rao till the appointment of Rishi Kumar Shukla as the new CBI director in February this year.

4. Prithvi Shaw became the brand ambassador of Fan Mojo.
➥Fanmojo, a fantasy sports platform possessed by mobile tech company U2opia Global, has roped in Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw as its brand ambassador. 

FanMojo focuses to strengthen its outreach to the legions of Indian cricket fans in the country with the association. 

Shaw, the right-hand batsman from Mumbai and former captain of Under-19 cricket team, is regarded as a young prodigy and often touted as India’s next Sachin Tendulkar. 

 Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 11th July 2019

5." war over words: censorship in India 1930 to 1960 "a book, has been published by Debika Sethi.
➥Devika Sethi  inks  Books Titled ‘War over Words: Censorship in India, 1930-1960’
The book named “War over Words: Censorship in India, 1930-1960” has been penned by Devika Sethi and published by Cambridge University Press.
Sethi teaches modern Indian history at IIT-Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.
This book recovers narrates and interrogates the history of censorship of publications in India over three crucial decades – encompassing the Gandhian anti-colonial movement, the Second World War, Partition, and the early years of Independent India.

6. Tailor swift became top in 100 highest paid Fobes celebrity.
➥Singer Taylor Swift has secured top rank the Forbes' Celebrity 100 list and came out as the highest-paid celebrity with her 2019 estimated earnings to be over USD 185 million. 

This is the second time after 2016 that Swift has surpassed all the celebrities which considered her first music artist to outstrip others twice on the list, informed variety Variety. 

Swift's 2018 'Reputation' tour reached the highest-grossing trips in US history getting over USD 266.1 million. 

Other celebrities who are included in these lists
 Beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner leading the list at No. 2 with maximum earnings of USD 170 million and Kanye West who considered at No.3 with earning over USD 150 million. 

7.AIFF( ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION ) awards go to Ashalata Devi & Sunil Chetri.
➥Indian men's football team captain Sunil Chhetri and women's footballer Ashalata Devi received the top honours at the All India Football Federation's AIFF Awards on Tuesday.

Chhetri was termed the men’s footballer of the year, while the title in the women’s category was won by Devi.

The Bengaluru FC and India skipper, who secured score a brace in India's loss to Tajikistan in the opening match of the Intercontinental Cup, won the award for the third consecutive year.

Chhetri, with 70 goals for India, is also the second-highest active international scorer — only behind Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo.

“The fact that this was voted by the Hero I-League and Hero ISL Coaches makes it all the more special. I am grateful to my club members, coaches, fellow players, the national team staff, and the fans for their support, love, and affection,” Chhetri said after he was announced the winner.

“I never play for Awards. But yeah, it feels nice when your hard work gets recognized. This is an added motivation to do better.”

Kerala Blaster's Sahal Abdul Samad won the emerging player of the year award in the men’s category whereas Manipur’s Dangmei Grace won the emerging player of the year in the women’s category.

 Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 11th July 2019

8. Air India permits Hajj Pilgrims to carry Zamzam( holy water).
➥Air India on Tuesday initiated that pilgrims coming back from Saudi Arabia after Haj will be allowed to carry holy water from the Zamzam well within the permissible baggage allowance.

The well of Zamzam is in Mecca in Saudi Arabia and many Haj pilgrims bring the holy water from the well for family and friends.

On July 4, the sales team of Air India's Jeddah office instructed to all travel agents stating that till September 15, due to change of aircraft and limitation of seats, Zamzam cans will not be approved on flight Nos. AI966 (Jeddah-Hyderabad-Mumbai) and AI964 (Jeddah-Cochin).

The website of the national carrier states that as per a notice issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, passengers will not be approved to carry in their hand baggage liquids not exceeding more than  100 ml, except medicines, inhalers accompanied by prescriptions and baby food.

"These items (in hand baggage) will be carried in one clear transparent re-sealable, one-litre size plastic bag and will be subjected to the prescribed screening and security checks," the website says.

 Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 11th July 2019

There is no restriction on how much liquid can be carried in a piece of check-in baggage.