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What are the current affairs?

events or incidents of political or social interest and importance happening around the world at the present time.

➤About Current affairs
Current affairs consist of the two words – Current and Affairs get together to give an interesting name to a subject of study. Current means of the late current affairs day to day life and affairs mean events, issues related to current affairs, etc. Therefore current affairs are the day to day even and incidents and events around us. 
Current affairs different from news
Technically Current Affairs is coined as a classification of broadcast journalism where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently happened or are ongoing at the time of broadcast. This differs from regular news telecasts where the stress is on news reports prepared for simple presentation as soon as possible, often with a minimum of analysis. It is also totally dissimilar from the news magazine show format in that the events are dealt in immediately.  Current Affairs is an explanation of current events and issues, including political or industrial debates public policy issues. The office separates Current Affairs from the coverage of news, coverage of special events like parliamentary proceedings, and the coverage of consumer affairs, among other exceptions.

The incidents and events that happen in an individual’s immediate environment are of concern and interest as they are so strongly connected to one’s cognitive-emotional structure. 
Current affairs spin around happenings in a different field related to national, international, economy, sports, science and technology, environment. The expansion of Current affairs is wider and deeply influenced all and sundry. Current Affairs enclose within its fold incidents occurring in different categories as well as related developments. For instance, national events include within its fold aspects like economy, social, political, sports, science, environment, etc. The event 7 incidents s can be of national importance or be not irrelevant at the state, district level.  If we discuss International Current its range could be related to the various aspects of politics, economy, science, and environment, and reach could be spread across continents such as America, southern Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Gulf countries Latin America, European, etc. Looking at this expand in reach and range of current affairs it can be proposed that one should draw guideline the limits of current affairs on the basis of individual needs and objectives.

Why should we read current affairs?

Current affairs play a vital role in the life of a student as well as job aspirants. It enriches not only the students but all people who are aspiring to continue learning new things every day. keeping yourself up to date not only keeps yourself update but also remains aware people around you knowledgeable.
Importance of current Affairs in various competitive Examination
Most of the students, as well as job aspirant, are not recognizing the importance of current affairs while preparing for all competitive exams. But after getting a low score they will know the important role of current affairs.
There are many difficult examinations like:-
  1. UPSC,
  2. SSC,
  3. IBPS and
  4. various others state level, where the students have to clear a section based on current affairs which took place in the world. After clearing the exam, even in the interview also they give a situation based on the ongoing latest current affairs and take your views based on it.

Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 14th July 2019

1. All types of twits related to religious dishonor or respects have been banned by popular social media twitter.

2. Mexico has bagged the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

3. The government of Meghalaya formed State policy to conserve water.

4." NAGAR KIRTAN" Of Kaushik Ganguly has been awarded Best feature film in 2019 SAARC  Film Festival.

5. Simona Halep won Wimbledon Tennis Women Single beating Serena Williams.

6.A.K Singh has been appointed ad the new CBI Director.

7. The Governor of West Bengal has released the Bengali version of the book " Great minds of  India " in Silang.

8. The Government Of Maharastra going to launch a new drone-based Spatial survey.

9. Slimen Chenine became the speaker of Algeria Parliament.

10.TVS company has launched a motorbike run by Ethanol first time in India.

 Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today 14th July 2019

 Click here to download  karmasanstahn paper Bengali pdf of 13th July 2019 DOWNLOAD

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