The Hindu pdf newspaper read online,The Hindu pdf newspaper read online of 14th JulyThe Hindu pdf newspaper read online of 14th July

Importance of The Hindu pdf newspaper

The Hindu newspaper is termed to be one of the best tools very for an aspirant. It can help & improve you in many ways. The editorial which reflects the scenario of government and country situations lucidly with a clear definition. So these parts of the Hindu newspaper are the most important part of the newspaper. You can enrich the vocabulary and many technical terms which are unknown to other subjects only in The Hindu pdf newspaper.

Why must you go through The Hindu?

The Hindu Paper Clearly separates between News and Opinions. The Hindu News Paper provides Priority to areas of National & international Concern & usually evade masala news items/trivial issues. But If you wish to read The Hindu fully then it wastes your too much time(usually three to four hours) & UPSC as well as state civil services candidates do not have enough  time to provide newspaper reading only, So you Have to go through it by the smart way , you should read them each and every single  word carefully and also each and every aspect of it will be covered. Your Vocabulary as well  Communication Skills will good command by developing the habit of daily reading of the newspaper especially The Hindu.  Download link of The Hindu paper pdf free is provided below.

Managing Director {MD} of The Hindu pdf newspaper provided below:

The Hindu Managing Directors

M. Veeraraghavachariar (1878–1904)

S. Kasturi Ranga Iyengar (1904–1923)

K. Srinivasan (1923–1959)

G. Narasimhan (1959–1977)

N. Ram (1977–2011)

K. Balaji (2011–2012)
Rajiv C Lochan (2013–present)
The Hindu Editors
G. Subramania Iyer (1878–1898)
C. Karunakara Menon (1898–1905)
Kasturi Ranga Iyengar (1905–1923)
S. Rangaswami Iyengar (1923–1926)
K. Srinivasan (1926–1928)
A. Rangaswami Iyengar (1928–1934)
K. Srinivasan (1934–1959)
S. Parthasarathy (1959–1965)
G. Kasturi (1965–1991)
N. Ravi (1991–2003)
N. Ram (2003–2012)
Siddharth Varadarajan (2012–2013)
N. Ravi (2013–2015)
Malini Parthasarathy (2015–2016)
Mukund Padmanabhan (2016–2019)
Suresh Nambath (2019–present)

Some Fact regarding the Hindu newspaper
The Hindu was set up in Madras on 20 September 1878. primarily, it was a weekly paper and in 1995 the Hindu had been first Indian Newspaper which was brought out online. The Hindu is Daily Newspaper. it’s headquartered is located at Chennai.
Firstly, National news like government & nongovernment statements not political, policies, initiatives, etc on the Hindu
Secondly,  some international news like treaties, agreements, disputes, debates, issues but not accidents, deaths.
Thirdly, Economy news and financial issues around the world with special stress to technical terms. 
more, Science and technology advancement with real-life applications in UPSC point of view was provided by the Hindu pdf newspaper
And, Environment and biodiversity, as well as climates, change with some initiatives and summits news in up point of view. 

N: B-
The Hindu is the second most published English Newspaper after The Times of India in India. The Hindu contains a lot of information swell as authentic data around the world. It is very crucial every one especially for students as well as job aspirants and for candidates who are going to sit for competitive exams because it here they find a lot of Current Affairs. The Hindu paper pdf download

Some keynote of The Hindu pdf newspaper
Type: Daily newspaper Hindu Newspaper  download 
Size: BroadsheetThe Hindu e Newspaper Free download 
The official owner (s): The Hindu Group, and Kasturi and Sons LimitedThe Hindu e Newspaper Free download
Founder(s): G. Subramania Iyer The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 
Publisher: N. Ram[1] The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 
Editor: Mukund Padmanabhan
Started: 20 September 1878
Language provided: English
HQ of the Hindu pdf newspaper: Chennai
Area of Circulation: 1,216,118 daily (as of Jan – Jun 2017)
ISSN: 0971-751X
OCLC number: 13119119 The Hindu paper download pdf format
Website: The Hindu e Newspaper Free download
The Hindu Newspaper is circulated from different 21 locations of India. The locations are provided below.


How to download The Hindu pdf newspaper
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