The  most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases & their Meaning

The  most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases & their Meaning

What is idiom?
An idiom is a group of words or phrase that is different from its literal meaning. Idioms make a language rich.we should learn to use idioms correctly & appropriately
➤Why should we learn the Idioms & idiomatic phrase?
It will be not wrong to say the idiom & phrase are the souls of a language.
Students generally commit errors in the use of idioms & phrases because they do not know their exact meaning.
.It is important, therefore, students must understand their correct meanings.

A list of idiom & idiomatic phrases is given below along with their meanings.
➤The main purpose of using Idioms & idiomatic phrase in the English language.
A list of idiom & idiomatic phrases is given below along with their meanings.
Idioms are indicated expressions that are typically used in a figurative sense.
The full meaning of an idiom is not clearly comprehended or realize from the individual words.
For example, in the idiom “Horse mare ”, there is obviously no horse can lay an egg.
We can use this idiom to describe something is unlikely to happen. It’s just another way of saying “No way!”
man of letter, the man of letter
Another example is “The man of the letter”, it doesn’t literally mean a man made of letter{paper}, or man who carry letters or look like a letterIt simply means someone who is the wise & pedantic person.

➤➤How to learn idioms & idiomatic phrase?

1. Students very sometimes describe situations for which an idiom is the best solution for expressing what they actually want to speak. 
 Giving them the idiom & idiomatic phrase, as a result of it, they expand their ability to communicate their meaning.

2. Learners are always eager to provide me a translation of an idiom & idiomatic phrase in their language and very often.
I can give the equivalent expression in English.  For instance, a Korean student told me that in Korean there is an expression along the lines of ‘someone else’s rice cake always looks bigger than yours.’ 
In English, we can translate the idioms & the idiomatic phrase ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.’ Both of these sayings clearly express the idea that
something which you have can be appealing just because it belongs to someone else.

3. It’s actually not possible to avoid idioms & idiomatic language altogether, and many expressions which are natural to a native speaker have a metaphorical meaning which, once realized,
clarifies the expression for learners.  For instance, native speakers often use the expression ‘fed up’ to mean bored and frustrated because they have had enough of something. 

4. Idioms & idiomatic in English for Specific Purposes, for example in official English we often speak about ‘thinking outside the box’ to mean not being constrained by conventional thinking.

5. Learners don’t necessarily learn by heart to use a lot of idioms but they will need to have the most common ones in their passive knowledge if they think to maximize their understanding of the language.  
This is right of written language as spoken.  Newspaper report headlines are a good example here.

6. Finally,  we can say idioms & idiomatic are an enjoyable way of using language and enjoyment helps us to learn more effectively.

Here are the 15 most common English idioms and phrases that will enrich your English vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker

Example of some  of Idioms &idiomatic phrase

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"A"

1.ABC ( PRIMARY KNOWLEDGE)He does not know even the ABC of the English.

2.Above all(More than anything else)Above all, he is our guide.

3.Above board ( faultless beyond doubt)His activities are open & above board.

4. After all( in spite of everything)After all, he is an honest man.

5. All at once ( suddenly)All at once a snake came out of the hole.

6.All on ( of) sudden( suddenly)All on ( of) sudden the tyre of car punctured.

7.All but ( nearly)The poor villager is all but ruined by the earthquake.

8.All ears ( listening eagerly) They were all years when he made a speech.

9.All in all ( supreme)Mr.Roy is all in all in his office.

10.All Greek( unintelligible)what you write, is all Greek to me.

11.Apple of one's eye( ( a great favorite)His daughter is the apple of his eyes.

12.Apple of discord(a matter of dispute)The parental property has become an apple of discord among the son.

13.As if ( as it would be)He behaves, as if, he knows nothing of the bit.

14.As it were ( like)The sun as it were, the lamp of the universe.

15. As usual ( habitually)He is late in attending the meeting as usual.

16.At a loss (puzzled)He was at a loss of what to do next.

17.At all( Primarily)He does not know French at all.

18.At all events( in all cases)I shall stand by him at all events.

19.At a low ebb( declining)
His fame at a low ebb now.

20. At arm's length ( at a distance )Try to keep the bad boy at arm's length.

21.At a stretch ( without break)He can run ten miles at a stretch.

22.At bay ( in a tight corner)The tiger was at bay at last.

23.At one's fingertips( ready at hand)All these facts are at his fingertips.

24.At daggers drawn ( at enmity)He is now at daggers drawn with his brother.

25.At home ( comfortable)He is at home in mathematics.

26.At large ( free) Anti-socials are still at large.

27. At last ( in the long run )I got missing pen at last.

28. At least ( at the lowest )At last one hundred boys present there.

29.At one wit's end( puzzled)He was at his wit's end what to do.

30. At random ( without any aim )He hits the ball at random.

31.At sixes & seven ( disordered or scattered)Everything was at sixes & seventh.

32.At stake ( in danger )His life at stake now.

33.At one's beck & call ( obedient)He always my beck & call.

34.At one' s own sweet will ( according to his wishes)He still does it at his own sweet will.

35.At the eleventh hour ( At the last moment )The doctor came at the eleventh hour.

36.Axe to grind ( Private end)He has an ax to grind in this proposal.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"B"

37. Bad blood ( ill feeling)Let there be no bad blood between us.

38. Bag & baggage ( with all belongings )He left the place bag & baggage.

39. Be all end all( Only aim )To earn money is the be all end all of his life.

40. Beat about the bush ( Talk irrelevantly)Please come to the point without beating about the bush.

41. Bed of roses(  comfortable condition )Life is not a bed of roses.

42. Behind the screen ( Secretly)I suspect, there is a plan behind the screen.

43. Beat black & blue ( beat severely)They beat the chief black & blue.

44. Between the devil & deep sea ( In a dilemma)She is between the devil & deep sea in this quarrel.

45. Beggar description ( indescribable)The beauty of Niagara falls beggar description.

46. Black ship ( person of bad character)He is a black ship in his family.

47.Bold from the blue(something quite unexpected)The news of his uncle death came to him like a bolt from the blue.

48.Bid fair ( hope well)He bids fair to shine in life.

49.Big gun ( a leading man )He is a big gun in our society.

50.Bords of a feather ( similar nature)Birds of a feather flocks together.

51.Bird's eye view ( a rough idea)The minister took a bird's eye view of the flood-stricken area from a helicopter.

52.Bon of connection (a matter of dispute)The oil field is the bond of connection between two nations.
53. Book worm ( who reads the book only)
David is a book worm.

54.Bosom friend ( intimate friends)
Jonny is my bosom friend.

55.Breath one's last ( die)
The old man breathed his last on Sunday.

56. Bring to light ( Make open )
At last, all the hidden facts brought to light.

57. Bring to book ( punish )
He should be brought to book for his misconduct.

58.Build a castle in the air ( indulge in idle vision)
Don't idle away your time in building a castle in the air.

59.Burning Questions (a matter of strong debate)
The problem of dowry system is the burning question of the day.

60.By all means ( In all possible way )
Try to do it in all possible way.

61.By & by ( soon)
He will come here by & by.

62.By the by ( In course of talking)
By the by  I came to know that he was ill.

63. By chance ( by accident)
I met him on the way by chance.

64.By fits & starts ( irregularly )
He works by fits & starts.

65.By no means ( in no way )
I shall by no means call on him.

66.By hook or by crook( by any means )
You must do the work by hook or by crook.

67.By far ( in all respect)
He is by far is the best boy in the class.

68.By leaps & bounds( very rapidly)
The population of India is increasing by leaps & bounds.

69. By  & large ( mostly )
Our villagers are by &, large farmers.

70.Bide one's time ( wait for a good opportunity to do something)
Be is not hesitating, he is just biding his time.

71. Blue eyed boy ( Somebody' s favorite)
Niladri is boss's blue-eyed boy.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"C"

72. Call to mind( remember)
I can not call to mind the fact.

73. Call in question( doubt)
No one can call his honesty in question.

74. Call a spade a spade( to speak the truth)
I have no hesitation to call a spade a spade

75.Carry the day ( win victory)
Usha carried the day in today's victory.

76. Catch red-handed( catch with articles)
The thief was caught red-handed.

77.Cats & dogs ( very heavily)
It is raining cats & dogs.

78.The chip of the block ( a worthy son)
Rabindranath  Tagore is a Chip off the old block.

79.Cock & bull story ( absurd story)
I do not believe your cock & bull story.

80.Coldwater ( depression)
He threw cold water on our proposal.

81. Come to  light ( became known)
Their private talk has come to light at last.

82. Come off with flying color ( win a victory)
Our school team came off with flying color.

83.Crying need ( urgent need)
Mass education is the crying need of our India.

84.Crocodile tears( pretended grief or false tear)
She sheds crocodiles tears at our misery.

85.Curry favor ( gain through flattery)
He knows well how to curry favor with officers.

86. Cut a sorry figure ( make bad result)
He cuts a sorry figure in the examination.

87. Cut to the quick( be hurt)
I was cut to the quick by his words

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"D"

88.Dead against( bitter against)I am dead against his proposal.

89.Dead Language( no longer in use as a spoken language)
Sanskrit is dead language

90.Dead of Night( Midnight)The robber broke into the house at the dead of night.

91. Die in harness ( die while in service)He died in harness a month before his retirement.

92.Dark horse ( Almost)The new minister is a dark horse in politic.

93.End in smoke ( fail)All his plan ended in smoke.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"F"

94. Fall flat ( have no effect)My advice fell flat on him.

95.Fair & square ( honest )His conduct was fair & square.

96.A far cry ( a long distance)It is far cry from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

97.Far & wide( everywhere)His fame as a scholar spread far & wide.

98.Few & far between( rare)Trees on the hill were few & far between.

99.Fight sigh( avoid)Why do you fight shy of your teacher?

100.Fish out of the water( in an uneasy situation)When he came to the village, he felt like a fish out of water.

101.Fish in troubled water( take advantage of the odd situation)Don't try to fish in troubled water.

102.Flesh & blood(( human body)Flesh & blood cannot bear this.

103.Fool's paradise( Imaginary happiness)If you expect any help from your enemy, you are then living in a fool's paradise.

104.For good( forever)He left the country for good.

105.French leave( leave without permission)Now & then he takes French leave.

106.From hand to mouth ( live by hard labor)The poor man lives from hand to mouth.

107.Fairweather( Friend in good times only)Don't believe a fair weather friend.

108.From A to Z( from first to last)The statement is true from A to Z.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"G"

109.Gala day( day of festivity)15th August is a gala day for Indian.

110. Get rid of ( be free from)Try to get rid of that bad habit.

111.Gift of the gab( talent of speech)An advocate should gift of gab.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"H"

112.Hairbreadth escape ( narrow escape )I have hairbreadth escape in the plane crash.

113.Hard & fast ( rigid )There is no hard & fast rule in that bus accident.

114.A hard nut to crack ( a difficult problem)The problem of adult education is really a hard nut to crack.

115.Head & ears ( completely) He is head & ears in debt.

116.Head & soldiers(much higher)Rabindranath was head & soldier above his contemporaries.

117.Heart & soul ( with all energy)Try heart & soul & you will succeed.

118. Herculean task (a very difficult task)It is a herculean task to solve the problem.

119.High time ( best time )
It is high time for you to come to a decision.

120. Hold water ( be effective)
This policy will not hold water in this situation.

122. Hold good ( ( apply)
The rule no holds good here.

123.Hue & cry ( a noise)The villagers raised a hue & cry to catch the thief.

124.Hush money ( Bribe money)He offered hush money to suppress the crime.

125.Household world/name ( familiar name )Mother Teresa's name has now become a household world.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"I"

126.In accordance with ( according to )He did the work in accordance with his father's advice.

127.In a fix( in a difficult position)He is in a fix & does not know what to do.

128.In fine ( in conclusion)In fine, he declared his plan.

129.In full swing ( in full activity)The factory is now in full swing.

130.In good stead( of great use)His help stood me in good stead.

131.In keeping with ( in agreement with)Your deeds are not in keeping with your words.

132. In order to( with the object of),
 He came in order to meet with my brother.

133.In lieu of ( instead of )Give me this pen in lieu of that.

134.In black & white( in writing)Put down the statement in black & white.

135.In cold blood ( without provocation)They committed this murder in cold blood.

136.In no time ( soon)He will finish the work in no time.

137.In the face ( In defiance of )You must be brave in the face of danger.

138.In the good book( in favor with )He is in the good of his boss.

139.In the nick of time ( in the right time )The school team arrived in the nick of time.

140.In the twinkling of an eye( in a very short time )I can do this in the twinkling of an eye.

142. In the long run( ultimately)
You will have to suffer in the long run.

143.In the teeth of ( through opposition)He moved the proposal in the teeth of strong opposition.

144. In the meantime ( In the time between)Lila will come here tonight. In the meantime, you should get her room ready.

145.Ins & outs( full details)I know ins & out of the matter.

146.In vouge ( in fashion )This custom is not vouge now.

147.In force ( inactivity )This law is in force now.

148.In a nutshell( very briefly)Tell me the story in a nut shell.

149.In a hurry ( very quickly )Don't do the work in a hurry.

150. In time ( In proper time )He reached the station in time.

151.In one's teens ( adolescent )She is yet in her teens.

152.In spite of ( despite)In spite of my warning, he did not give up the bad habit.

153. In vain ( fruitless)All his attempts were in vain.

154.In the wake of ( immediately), An epidemic follows in the wake of the flood.

155.The irony of fate ( by bad luck )He could not succeed in the irony of fate.

156.Itching palm ( greed for money)Most people have an itching palm.

157.Jailbird ( habitual criminal)I can not believe him as he is a jailbird.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"K"

158.Kith & kins ( relatives / near & dear one )He has no good relations with his kiths & kins.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"L"

159.Lame excuse ( bad plea)This lame excuse will not do here.

160.Laughing stocks ( an object of ridicule ).Your foolish remark has made you the laughing stock.

161. Live in the lurch ( leave in danger )He who leaves you in the lurch is not your true friend.

162. Leave no stone unturned ( leave no chance )He left no stone unturned to attain his objects.

163.Lion's share ( major part )He took the lion's share of the profit.

164.Loaves & fishes ( materials benefit)He dances attendance upon me for loaves & fishes.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"M"

165. Make both ends meet( live within means)I can not make both end s meet with my small income.

166. Make good ( Compensate )You must make good for my loss.

167.Maiden speech ( first speech )His first maiden speech was appreciated by the audience.

168.Man of the letter ( a scholar )Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee was a man of letters.

169.Man of straw ( worthless man )We do not care a fig for a man of straw like him.

170.Moot point ( an undecided matter)Dowery system is still a moot point in India.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"N"

171.Nip in the bud ( destroy in the initial stage )All his hopes were nipped in the bud.

172. Now & then ( occasionally )He comes here now & there.

173.Null  & void (invalid )The deed has been null and void now.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"O"

174. Of late ( recently )Of late, the price of rice is increasing.

175. Of course ( certainly )Of course, you know what he means.

176. Off & On ( irregularly ).He comes here off & on.

177.On the brink of/on the verge of ( very near to )The family is on the brink of ruin.

178.On the contrary ( Just opposite )I do not hate him; on the contrary, I love him.

179.On the eve of ( just before )The general died on the eve of victory.

180.On the wane ( declining)His fame is on the wane now.

181. On the whole ( generally speaking )On the whole, his conduct is good.

182.Out of date ( out of fashion )This fashion is out of date.

183.Out of doors ( outside)It is rather cold out of order.

184.Out of sorts ( not well)He is out of sorts now.

185.Out of order ( defective)This machine is out of order.

186.Out of temper ( angry )He is out of temper now.

187.Out of the wood ( free from danger )He is not yet out of the good.

188.out & out ( thoroughly)He is an out & out fool.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"P"

189.Palmy day ( golden time )The palmy day of India is gone.

190.Part & parcel ( an integral part).Discipline is a part & parcel of administration.

191.Pros & cons ( details )You should consider the pros & cons of the system.

  Most useful Idioms and Idiomatic phrases With"R"

192.Rank & file ( common men )We should pay attention to the rank & file of our country.

193.Red letter day ( memorable day )The 15th of August is a red letter day in the history of India.

194.Red tape ( official formalities)Red tepism cause delay in the government office.
195. Read between the line ( understand the significant)Try to read between the line of the letter.
196.Rub shoulders( associate)Never rub soldiers to enemy

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