The  most useful Idioms and their Meaning, and phrase

This infographic covers 30 examples of common idioms including definition and meaning. Idioms are especially popular among English native speakers as mental images

What is idiom?

An idiom is a group of words or phrase that is different from its literal meaning. Idioms make a language rich.we should learn to use idioms correctly & appropriately.
Here are the 15 most common English idioms and phrases that will enrich your English vocabulary and make you sound like a native speaker

Use of Idioms & example of the phrase

1.ABC ( PRIMARY KNOWLEDGE)He does not know even the ABC of the English.

2.Above all(More than anything else)Above all, he is our guide.

3.Above board ( faultless beyond doubt)His activities are open & above board.

4. After all( in spite of everything)After all, he is an honest man.

5. All at once ( suddenly)All at once a snake came out of the hole.

6.All on ( of) sudden( suddenly)All on ( of) sudden the tyre of car punctured.

7.All but ( nearly)The poor villager is all but ruined by the earthquake.

8.All ears ( listening eagerly) They were all years when he made a speech.

9.All in all ( supreme)Mr.Roy is all in all in his office.

10.All Greek( unintelligible)what you write, is all Greek to me.

11.Apple of one's eye( ( a great favorite)His daughter is the apple of his eyes.

12.Apple of discord(a matter of dispute)The parental property has become an apple of discord among the son.

13.As if ( as it would be)He behaves, as if, he knows nothing of the bit.

14.As it were ( like)The sun as it were, the lamp of the universe.

15. As usual ( habitually)He is late in attending the meeting as usual.

16.At a loss (puzzled)He was at a loss of what to do next.

17.At all( Primarily)He does not know French at all.

18.At all events( in all cases)I shall stand by him at all events.

19.At a low ebb( declining)
His fame at a low ebb now.

20. At arm's length ( at a distance )Try to keep the bad boy at arm's length.

21.At a stretch ( without break)He can run ten miles at a stretch.

22.At bay ( in a tight corner)The tiger was at bay at last.

23.At one's fingertips( ready at hand)All these facts are at his fingertips.

24.At daggers drawn ( at enmity)He is now at daggers drawn with his brother.

25.At home ( comfortable)He is at home in mathematics.

26.At large ( free) Anti-socials are still at large.

27. At last ( in the long run )I got missing pen at last.

28. At least ( at the lowest )At last one hundred boys present there.

29.At one wit's end( puzzled)He was at his wit's end what to do.

30. At random ( without any aim )He hits the ball at random.

31.At sixes & seven ( disordered or scattered)Everything was at sixes & seventh.

32.At stake ( in danger )His life at stake now.

33.At one's beck & call ( obedient)He always my beck & call.

34.At one' s own sweet will ( according to his wishes)He still does it at his own sweet will.

35.At the eleventh hour ( At the last moment )The doctor came at the eleventh hour.

36.Ax to grind ( Private end)He has an ax to grind in this proposal.

37. Bad blood ( ill feeling)Let there be no bad blood between us.

38.Bag & baggage ( with all belongings )He left the place bag & baggage.

39. Be all end all( Only aim )To earn money is the be all end all of his life.

40.Beat about the bush ( Talk irrelevantly)Please come to the point without beating about the bush.

41.Bed of roses(  comfortable condition )Life is not a bed of roses.

42.Behind the screen ( Secretly)I suspect, there is a plan behind the screen.

43.Beat black & blue ( beat severely)They beat the chief black & blue.

44.Between the devil & deep sea ( In a dilemma)She is between the devil & deep sea in this quarrel.

45.Beggar description ( indescribable)The beauty of Niagara falls beggar description.

46.Black ship ( person of bad character)He is a black ship in his family.

47.Bold from the blue(something quite unexpected)The news of his uncle death came to him like a bolt from the blue.

48.Bid fair ( hope well)He bids fair to shine in life.

49.Big gun ( a leading man )He is a big gun in our society.

50.Bords of a feather ( similar nature)Birds of a feather flocks together.

51.Bird's eye view ( a rough idea)The minister took a bird's eye view of the flood-stricken area from a helicopter.

52.Bon of connection (a matter of dispute)The oil field is the bond of connection between two nations.
53. Book worm ( who reads the book only)
David is a book worm.

54.Bosom friend ( intimate friends)
Jonny is my bosom friend.

55.Breath one's last ( die)
The old man breathed his last on Sunday.

56. Bring to light ( Make open )
At last, all the hidden facts brought to light.

57. Bring to book ( punish )
He should be brought to book for his misconduct.

58.Build a castle in the air ( indulge in idle vision)
Don't idle away your time in building a castle in the air.

59.Burning Questions (a matter of strong debate)
The problem of dowry system is the burning question of the day.

60.By all means ( In all possible way )
Try to do it in all possible way.

61.By & by ( soon)
He will come here by & by.

62.By the by ( In course of talking)
By the by  I came to know that he was ill.

63. By chance ( by accident)
I met him on the way by chance.

64.By fits & starts ( irregularly )
He works by fits & starts.

65.By no means ( in no way )
I shall by no means call on him.

66.By hook or by crook( by any means )
You must do the work by hook or by crook.

67.By far ( in all respect)
He is by far is the best boy in the class.

68.By leaps & bounds( very rapidly)
The population of India is increasing by leaps & bounds.

69. By  & large ( mostly )
Our villagers are by &, large farmers.

70.Bide one's time ( wait for a good opportunity to do something)
Be is not hesitating, he is just biding his time.

71. Blue eyed boy ( Somebody' s favorite)
Niladri is boss's blue-eyed boy.

72. Call to mind( remember)
I can not call to mind the fact.

73. Call in question( doubt)
No one can call his honesty in question.

74. Call a spade a spade( to speak the truth)
I have no hesitation to call a spade a spade

75.Carry the day ( win victory)
Usha carried the day in today's victory.

76. Catch red-handed( catch with articles)
The thief was caught red-handed.

77.Cats & dogs ( very heavily)
It is raining cats & dogs.

78.The chip of the block ( a worthy son)
Rabindranath  Tagore is a Chip off the old block.

79.Cock & bull story ( absurd story)
I do not believe your cock & bull story.

80.Coldwater ( depression)
He threw cold water on our proposal.

81. Come to  light ( became known)
Their private talk has come to light at last.

82. Come off with flying color ( win a victory)
Our school team came off with flying color.

83.Crying need ( urgent need)
Mass education is the crying need of our India.

84.Crocodile tears( pretended grief or false tear)
She sheds crocodiles tears at our misery.

85.Curry favor ( gain through flattery)
He knows well how to curry favor with officers.

86. Cut a sorry figure ( make bad result)
He cuts a sorry figure in the examination.

87. Cut to the quick( be hurt)
I was cut to the quick by his words

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