Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today  01 August 2019

Current Affairs - 2019 - Current Affairs today  01 August 2019

1. Om Birla, speaker of Lok Shaba has declared the next secession of it.

2. Ruhan Rajput bagged the  " 2019 Entrepreneur of the year award".

3. Dinesh Bhatia became the next ambassador of India to Paragua.

4. Hedge Kageri became the speaker of the Karnataka Assembly.

5.India declared more 5 crore dollar to Gamba for assistance.

6. London has received the title of " best city for the students".

7. Douglas McMillion ranks top in the list of " World Most Influential CEO of the year 2019".

8. BHARAT GAURAV, the highest award of Eastbengal club goes to ex-cricketer Kapil Dev.

9. Under the scheme of "Ghar Ghar postal, Ghar Ghar Dastak " Delhi Govt. had launched " Running  Bus Library.

10. Tarun Chaudhuri, as a first Indian airforce pilot completes Wingsuit Skydrive Jump.

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